Homeowners Association Information- As of 2014 Carlsson Real Estate, Inc. is not available to manage Homeowner Associations. 

Carlsson Real Estate, Inc. (CRE) was well known for managing Homeowner Associations. Karen Carlsson has been member of CAI, Community Associations Institute. "We take dedicated concern in providing custom and specialized management services  to investors, associations, and owners who demand nothing less than the absolute best."  Today's Associations are looking for qualified, knowledgeable professionals to advise and manage their communities.  Karen is currently not managing community associations.

Management of Homeowner Associations usually includes the following. Associations vary in size and covenant regulation and therefore require different levels of management in the following areas:

1. Administrative Management - Providing reliable, historical, on-going, hands-on management by professionals to insure timely responses to all Association issues, Owner concerns and community needs. Providing regular office hours and answering services after hours. 
2. Financial Management - Annual Budgets, Monthly Financial Reports, Collection of Assessments, Reserve/Replacement Fund Accounts, Billing, Accounts Payable, Insurance, Taxes, Employee Payroll, Dues Collection Plan, Delinquent Accounts, Investment Programs 
3. Facilities Management - Property Inspections, Maintenance Files/Processing Work Orders, Acquiring Bids/Contracts for Specialized Services, Routine Maintenance of Association Property, Developer Performance, Club House, Pools,Landscaping 
4. Community Governance -Organization Meetings, Committees, Recruiting Volunteers from the Community, New Residents, Owner Files, Government Regulations, Development of Administrative and Operational Policies, Homeowner Rights and Responsibilities 
5. Risk Management - Insurance, Association Rules Enforcement, Emergency Hot Line, Neighborhood Safety
6. Association Communications - Newsletters, Meetings, Volunteers, Web Information, Owner Correspondence/Requests, Mailings, Events and Activities 
7. Community Spirit - Pride in a Community. Building vibrant, responsive and healthy community associations. Soliciting the opinions and imput of residents and offering community programs that residents will enjoy. Spirited communities, like safe neighborhoods, have higher sale values and sets them apart from the rest. 


The Rules and Standards that govern the conduct of our Professional Association Relationships As the Manager of an Association, we will: 

1. Provide diligent and faithful service. 
2. Give full disclosure of any matter that presents a potential conflict of interest. 
3. Use reasonable care, diligence, and skill.
4. Avoid competing with the Association. 
5. Avoid acting in conflict with the interests of the Association. 
6. Avoid attempting to make any secret profits when acting on the community's behalf. 
7. Account for anything of value we receive as a result of managing the association.
8. Avoid delegating more authority then we have received from the Board of Directors

As of 2014 Carlsson Real Estate, Inc. is not available to manage Home Owner Associations. 

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